Thursday, November 01, 2012

The motorist-pedestrian

The construction of the underground parking garage have continued. One street has been cut from motor traffic, as they're digging up the sewers and water pipes and what not to make room for another entrance to the garage. This street is blocked for through traffic except for pedestrians and cyclists.

Obviously blocking streets will cause chaos and confusion among the drivers, as they have to change their routes. I never expected them to be so confused they would think themselves as pedestrians, though.

The situation starts as the dark car reverses back out of the dead-end. Maybe it was parked there, or had tried to find a space for parking on the central reserve but lucked out. There should be parking restrictions on a spot or two so cars could drive over the reserve to the other side of the street but apparently parking is more important than convenience and safety.
Well, the blue car blocks the way out so the dark car goes pedestrian and uses the pedestrian crossing as the route to get away.
Now the blue car wants to try it's luck finding a parking place.
And what do you know, this seems familiar. Now the blue car is blocked...
As amusing as watching drivers do stupid things is, I decided to carry on. The construction site blocked the street,
but the sidewalks (not a MUP, this time, so ride on the street, please) were open. I'm not sure if they're  going to close them when they start digging the entrance. If they're using explosives I would think so. :-)

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