Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two years of VNFC

A few weeks ago I checked when was the very first post on the Very Northern Florida Cycling Blog: 28th of November, two years ago. I thought I might also be able to spam some posts to get the 200th post to coincide. I didn't spam enough, so this is only post 193 including the drafts that were not published.

The blog has some 5000 page views . Top countries on the list are USA, Russia and Finland. Ukraine, UK, Canada, Germany, Latvia and Estonia also are on three digits. Nowhere on the list is the Netherlands- obviously they don't read cycling blogs. :-)

Most popular post has been the pileups in southern Finland last year. (Oh, by the way: there's a blizzard on Friday so there might be a re-run.) After that there are several Autumn Posts (browse the sidebar to find them, I'm not adding them all here), Car Centric Toys, the image manipulations for shared space  and of course the EST safety system for winter cycling. EST seemed to work fine today, even though it was only -10°C.

The most popular search term to reach the site (beside the name) has been "aura-auto" (with both correct and incorrect spellings) aka "snow plow truck", "green scenery" and "shared space". With google referring  to this site I guess I'm an authority on the shared space now, so: dear traffic planners and architects, shared space only works if there are only very few cars! Not on streets with through traffic! :-)

What's on the future? Will there be a third year of VNFC? Maybe. At least with the KiviSydän (StoneHeart), the underground parking garage also known as the Big Dig will be providing me material for photos and videos as the construction goes on. Only it'll be underground so what's there to see?

Happy Cycling!


  1. Hello! I live in the Netherlands and I read your blog- but mostly through the google reader aggregator which doesn't contribute toward your "view" statistics. Maybe the whole nation of the netherlands is doing the same. ;)

    1. I was wondering why there were so many entries for google in the results. Now I know. It's the dutchmen spamming me! :-P