Thursday, November 01, 2012

Scenes after warmer days

After a few colder days on the weekend we had some warmer weather. On Tuesday we had temperatures around zero Celsius and some rain and sleet. The snow on the trees melted. Picture from Tuesday 30th Oct.

Yesterday the day had highs a few degrees above freezing but in the evening it colder and the bikeways were nice and crispy and crunchy, as the slosh refrose. Today it was another warm day so the bikeways had rutted ice and slosh.

Interestingly, one fork of the river below the dam was partially frozen already. A bit further out the waves keep the ice from forming. It's warmer under the bikeway bridge so the cut off point seems to be there.

The forecast for the next few days has above freezing temperatures and rain, so the snow will be gone, but there will probably be black ice if it gets cold enough during the nights.

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