Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow piles blocking visibility

In the other post I talked about the intersection near the railway station.
I went straight there, and about 400 meters later was in this intersection. It's pretty typical finnish intersection with traffic lights. Pedestrians and cyclists have a push button to inform the traffic light computer that they want to get across (I'm not sure if this intersection has automatic detectors). Looks like I have a green light.

Turn 90 degrees right and see the snowpile. The car drivers' field of vision is limited by a high pile of snow. Not that they suffer because of it, with the traffic lights controlling the traffic flow.

That is a car trailer, higher than the average sedan. The snow pile is between the road and the bikeway. Now it provides a "noice protection wall" and extra safety buffer for cyclists, just in case a car driver loses control of his vehicle.

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