Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter biking in the local news

I wrote about local news a few days ago and I mentioned there was discussion going about making your bike winter proof by changing the grease to on that does not freeze. Apparently the staff of the newspaper noticed that was a good story idea. They sent a reporter to interview a bike mechanic. The story is a half-a-page long:
and tells you the basics of bike maintenance for the winter. Avoid water based greases, use one's that are more cold proof, teflon oil, blah blah. There's even a few quotes from the web forum:

"Even if you took the bike to the bike shop for a grease change once a week and bought a new bike twice a year, you'd still save so much money (compared to a car) you could have a vacation in the sunny beaches when it's too cold here. You'd even have enough money left over to mail your neighbours some, just to rub it in when they are stuck here, trying to scrape the ice off the windshields." Having a car is expensive, but thats a bit much. ;^D

Some commenters suggest using spray-on oils, others say they will evaporate and do not lubricate properly. One even talks about "aviation grease" which is supposed to be good for -80C, but the bike mechanic does not say anything about them. A quick google shows that there is such a thing, and does not seem to be very expensive either. Does anyone know which one would be suitable for a bicycle? :P

Bicycling got a half page, even though this is not cycling season. There was also one and half pages of car related stories and infomercials about new cars, and four pages of ads for new and used cars. Shows where the money is for the newspapers.

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