Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Think of the children"- reckless parents?

Today was a cold day. It was about -30C in the morning, warmed a little when the sun was up, to -25C. In the afternoon I was going from A to B when I noticed there was a bike with an extra seat on it at the gate to the kindergarten. That mean someone was there to pick up a little kid, on his/her bike.
At the other gate was another bike, this one with a trailer. Of course, there were some parents with their cars and SUV's, but they are not interesting enough for me to take photos: no accidents, no honking horns or fights over a parking place.

Now, remember that these were taken on a day with -30C temperatures. Were the parents reckless, putting their kids in danger? I don't think so. The kid in the first picture would be behind the parents back, protected from the windchill. In the second picture, the kid would have a ride of luxury. She'd fall asleep in there. Almost like when she was a baby and took a nap outside in the pram. Unless it's very cold, many babies sleep outside during the day.

But if they were brought here by car, they'd be warm because the car has a heater? Well, think about it. It's -30C outside, and the car will be that cold too. The ride to kindergarten will only a few minutes, and the heater does not have enough time to warm up the car unless the car was (illegally) left idling before the kid was brought in. So the kid has a cold ride in a car or on a bike.

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