Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Some pictures of snowy bikeways

Today was a bright, sunny day. At -10C, it was a typical day in February. When the sun is up and there is white snow everywhere, the day is bright indeed. The sun is not hot enough to melt any snow yet, and at nights it's -20C. In a month we can see the first signs of spring.

The snow has been pushed to a pile to clear the parking lot. The bigger area you need to clear, the higher the pile. Kids like them, to play king of the hill, to slide down or dig tunnels. But if the snow has been piled with a machine, it's likely to be too icy to dig tunnels. A few days ago a kid was (non-fatally) injured when a huge lump of frozen snow rolled down from top of the hill. But the snow here is fluffy right now.
A small parking lot, a small pile of snow.
The snow is about mid-thigh so walking in the forest would be hard. The bikeway is the easy way here :) Like I said before, the bikeways often go straight through the parks.

You can feel claustrofobic even outside...
Another shot on a bikeway through a forest. You can't say it is a park if it is not designed by landscaper and looked after by gardeners. It's almost wild forest, in the middle of the town.
It was a brighter day than this photo shows.
There are some unpaved paths around here. Some are not maintained at all in the winter. Others will be turned into ski paths. They're multi-use paths, not just multi-user paths. With street lights above you could ski in the middle of the night.
Maybe I should go downtown and take some pictures from the grid streets to show it's not just forests here.

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  1. wow.. a forest in the middle of the city. Beautiful!