Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cars Burn Money, Bikes Burn Fat

'Somebody' has sprayed the text and images of a bike and a car on the street. It's better to spray on a spot that is in the shadow, otherwise the water will evaporate very quickly and nobody will see it. Good places would be at locations where people are walking to or from their cars. On the way from the parking lot to the supermarket etc. entrances would be fine.

A big plastic bottle with a nozzle (eg. a ketschup bottle) works fine, but dont paint with too high pressure or from too high/far, as the water will splatter and make the text unreadable. The photo was taken about 15 minutes after the event, so most of the splatter has dried and the text is readable. Practise a few times so you'll see how big the letters must be and how much water you'll need.

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