Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Love is on the bikeway

Painted with water by unknown artist.


  1. Hey, how do you know it's water? Maybe someone artistically peed on the bike path. This is a very interesting blog: a part of it is in English, a part in Finish, it references Florida and Toronto (the city where I live)...it must be written by a cyclist :-). I like the photos where you show your nature + the bike paths.
    Cheers, Michael

  2. Welcome, reader number 5! Looks I might get a dozen readers before the end of the year!

    I didn't lick it to get a taste. :-) This was not the only 'spray', it was just the only one worth taking a picture. Nobody has that big bladder.

    As for the language thing: I'm new to blogging, and I posted for a while before realising that because I've set the language in the editor and the settings page to Finnish, certain parts of the page and the posts are always in Finnish, no matter what settings the reader has. And, being the lazy biker I am, I did not bother to change them. I'm not sure if I would have to manually edit all the posts or if there's a better way. But I'm lazy so I haven't bothered even to check. :-)

    Yeah, I'm an utility cyclist, and I cycle all year around. That is why I found the mayors comments so funny that I just had to make a blog. He even gave me the idea for the name.

  3. Timoohz, just because you may not get many comments doesn't mean you have no readers. I found your blog via a link from a Dutch blog. Hope you will keep on posting more photos from your area, and more stories about cycling there.
    BTW, it's funny with languages. My background is Czech, though I've been living in Canada for over two decades. The word "jatka", which I can see when submitting my comments here, in Czech means "slaughterhouse". So I hope that by commenting here my safety is intact :-). Well, usually, cyclists are such huggable people, eh?

  4. Yeah, I know. I've found the statistic page :) But the hits could be mistakes corrected with the back button, without reading anything. Anyone who comments has read this blog. Not that there is anything wrong with just lurking, especially when my posts are often 'junk'.

    I thought changing the language would have been more difficult and time consuming. But a blogger friend clicked a few times and now it seems to be all in english. No hard work required.