Monday, June 06, 2011

A new raised crossing

I spotted a street where they are resurfacing the street and doing some other work too. Anyway, they have built a raised crossing. The car's will have to slow down for the speed table. The tables edges are where the red bollards are, so the hump is pretty long. The long table allows the cars to drive through with a reasonable speed, without having to slow down to a crawl or allowind speeding either.

This is a residential street so the traffic is light. The bikeway is a pretty busy one. There's a primary school about half a kilometer to the left, so a lot of kids will be cycling and walking this route. It also serves as a commuter route.
There is a MUP on the right side of the street.

They're using real stones as the ramp and on the sides. Sharp edges on the stones, though. The concerete kerbs are rounder.

You can see the side stone on the bikeway is even with the road, so even people with bikes with thin tubes can ride on. The bikeway is a little higher than the street. A slight bump, but no sharp edges. Good.

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