Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pretty Dark Pictures pt. 2

I was cycling to buy some yoghurt and stopped to take some pictures. I did find some hagberry trees, but the location was not very scenic. The tree was blossoming, but the noise barrier wall with graffiti kind of ruined it. And then it started to rain so I had to quit.

In the evening I decided to go for a night ride, to take some more pictures. It wasn't too dark yet. Bright enough to read a newspaper, as the saying goes. The sky was cloudy and there was some mist in the air.

It seems that all of my pictures were too dark, also those taken in the morning. Isn't the camera supposed to automatically adjust the brightness? Maybe I should read the manual what settings to change. Or learn to use Gimp better :-) Anyway, a little editing with Gimp and here's two shots taken about 12 hours apart. One was taken about 11am, the other after 11pm.

Guess which is which?

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