Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Waiting for the winter

There's a saying that once the Midsummer Day has gone, the summer is almost over. It's not that we're pessimists or depressed to say something like that. There's a month of weather warm enough for swimming, but not much later the leaves will start yellow. The summer is short but intense.

The weather report for the Midsummer Day weekend was wrong. It did rain a little but not nearly as much the forecast said, and there was even sun shining. The cold weather and rain did help: the number of people who drowned was the lowest ever recorded by the The Finnish Association for Swimming Instruction and Life Saving. They've kept records since 1980, and on worst years ten times more people have drowned.

Here's some shots of bikeways after the rain:

And here's a shot I took today. The Lawn Mover Man lost control of his vehicle and collided with a lamp post. Guess what is keeping the post upright? Duct tape wrapped around the base of the post! Or maybe the tape is there to keep the wiring inside of the post, so dogs marking their territory will not get electrocuted!

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