Sunday, March 25, 2012

Holes on the bikeway

Now this is a rare sight on a bikeway: a traffic sign warning that there's a narrow point ahead due to work being done. In the first picture, you can see the headlights of a lorry parked in the underpass. That's quite unusual, too.

From the other side of the road you'll see they've put fences around these two huge holes in the ground. And in the hole is the district heating pipes, maybe 40cm in diameter. It looked like the the workers were replacing some of the pipes, because there was one man with a welder, and two looking at him work, as usual :-) It seemed they were pumping hot water into the sewers, so I guess there was a leak.

If I recall correctly, they had shut down one part of the district heating plant for maintenance that day, so fixing the pipes when there's no pressure on them makes sense.

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