Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunday ride to the beach

I uploaded a bunch of videos of my Sunday ride to youtube. I went to the campground to roast some sausages on a stick. On the way back, I took a detour and went to see the sightseeing tower.

First, I noticed that the top layer of the snow has been heated enough by the sun to make the snow wet. Then during the night the wet snow froze, creating a hard layer on top of the snow. This time, it was strong enough to keep me and the bike on top. Except on a few spots where it wasn't and I crashed through.

I rode on after the first clip, but I kept sinking more frequently, as the snow got weaker. So I decided trying to get closer to the wind mills and the ships was not going to work. I turned around and spotted something interesting on the horizon.

The darn kite keeps going further and further. So I had to wait until he changed direction and came back for a closer look. The kite seemed larger than I had thought they would be. Would that be 10 square meters? But then the wind was pretty weak, so maybe he chose his biggest kite to get most of it.

You might recognize the tower from my midsummer videos. The beach, you wouldn't. They had dug up the whole beach. They're dredging the sea to make it better for swimming, and it seemed like they had piled up the sand too.

So on the way home I couldn't ride on the paths on the beach, as it was closed. I rode a street before turning to a bikeway.

It isn't all sun and roses on the bikeways either. The gritting sand is dark and the sun will warm it up. The warm sand will then sink in to the ice. That's not a big problem as such, as there will be tiny holes on the ice which give traction. But when the water freezes again, the ice will be smooth again.

Edit: added a photo of the kite.

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