Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sloshy video uploaded

I took some clips and put together a video. The clips might not be in chronological order, but it's only a few days difference. You'll see what the biking conditions were on the sunny days this week. Pretty good on the bikeways, streets not so good. Annoyingly, youtube's annotations buttons are not working, again. So I'll keep trying for a week or two before the buttons suddenly work.

Even more annoyingly, the camera kept shutting down. The built-in battery has 230mAh and extra batteries (old cell phone batteries) at least 1500mAh. They can give 300mA for the led light with no problems, but 50mA for the camera seems to be too much. Even with a fully loaded extra battery set it wouldn't record more than 20 minutes in one go. Restart and again it'd record for a while. Very tiny leds show whether the camera is on or not, and they're almost invisible in the daylight. Indoors it'll record fine. Is it too cold outside or what gives? Whine whine. :-)

And because the camera kept shutting down, I didn't get a nasty close pass on video. You might spot the location on the video. I'm riding on a bikeway until the street merges from the right. It's on a hill, downhill to the left and uphill to the right. I wanted to go left, but there's railway tracks so I had to ride on the street until the next underpass 400m away. I could've turned right and rode on a bikeway next to the road there, but who wants to ride uphill when it's not necessary.

Maybe ten seconds (or even less) after the camera shut down on that street, a car came down the hill and honked at me. I started to move to the side to let him pass. But before I even completed my move, he passed me pretty fast with less than half a meter clearance. On a sloshy street where one might fall at any moment! On the other hand, there's no record of my colorful comments to his driving skills.

But, it's a dead end street and I know what the car looks like. The Easter Witch might visit a little early... >:-)

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