Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pictures from week 12/2012

The first two are from a few days back. In the first pic, the slosh has been plowed to the sides on the bikeway, making it a good ride.
Not so on the streets.

These are from today. Now you can find benches to sit on the river side trail, they're not buried in snow any more. On the north side of the river, there's no shadow except a few trees, so the snow will melt here fast. Note the muddy patch ahead and how all tracks go around to avoid it. The ground is still frozen and will not let water through. So when the snow melts, the soil get sun too and will melt for a few inches. And water plus soil plus people moving on it means it'll be muddy.

The path is on the right side of the river on this photo. For some reason there's no ice on the right, maybe because the curve of the river causes faster or more turbulent currents. A few days ago there was an article in the newspaper telling people to not go on the ice here...
There's so much gritting sand in places it's almost like a sandy path. Now one has to be careful in curves and while turning, this time it's because of the sand instead of the ice.
This was on the south side of the river. Where the path was shadowed by high buildings there was ice, otherwise the path was rapidly losing the ice. Behind one of the trees was a speed display. I don't often ride this path (or drive the street), at least in this direction so I don't know if it's been there long. I think the street has 50km/h limit.

What's really fun is that it gives speeds for cyclists too. I'm not sure if it has loops on the ground or if it has laser or something, but it didn't give speed to a pedestrian walking by. Maybe she was too slow. It worked for the cyclists even though I was standing in front of it with a camera.
It's not a good spot to make speed records, as there's an intersection ahead and several paths from the park on the right merging with this one. But if you want to check your speedometer, this can be handy.

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