Monday, March 12, 2012

Snow and puddles

Two days ago: snowed a little. The previous sunny days are just a memory and streets and bikeways have ice and snow everywhere, like they used to just a few days ago. Nice tyre tracks on the crossing!

Yesterday: what fresh snow? The sun has melted it all. And the melt waters make ice softer and easier to melt.
I guess warm weather gets under the bridge and makes the snow melt faster. And there's no shadows, either. Almost ice free already.

Just wait until this freezes again!
Look, what a great job: she gets to play in the puddles and gets paid for it. Sounds like a dream job. If you ignore that the water is near freezing, that is.
On the right: nice, icy, slippery bikeway.

Oh, see how the puddle is almost to the center line? Well, a car driver decided he didn't want to go all the way to the oncoming lane. The results were just what you expect, she got splashed. I think it was lucky the car went out of her reach. If the look she gave was any clue, she would have happily used the iron bar on the car. So maybe it isn't so great job after all.

In some places it's going to be a while before the ice melts. Here it hasn't even started yet.
Ah, what a nice mirror smooth patch of ice that will be. Meltwater dripping/ running down to an underpass.

Late last nigh it snowed again, but not a lot. The conditions on the bikeways vary a lot. Some are melting, some not. I even had the video camera on the bike today, but for some reason the camera has started vibrating on the bracket again and the footage is no good. But as the days are sunny, I'll have plenty of chances to try again. I'm sure someday I'll get the camera attached properly.

A bikeway next to an arterial on the far right.

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