Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bike parking hall of...

I decided to show some shots of bike parking. I'll admit, I shamelessy steal the idea from my other reader, Ms. Ding. But if she blogs about it, she must like the subject. And if I blog about it, I know that at least 66% of my readers will like it. As you know, I have 3 readers: me, Ms. Ding and the chair breaking vandal. It's easy to please an audience when there's not too many people with differing opinions in there!

The first shot is taken at a supermarket. You can see they've tried, because the whole thing is not lost under the snow. There's a little snow that has not been plowed, as it was snowing. The problem with bike parking is that even without bikes locked to the stand, it's "hard" to clean the snow. The snow plow man has to get out of his vehicle and move the thing, or use a shovel or something. That means getting out of the comfortable, heated cabin...

This spectacular bike was in front of the city library. The naughty cyclist did not park his bike properly! I wonder if he could get both front wheels to fit into the grill... maybe park backwards?

Empty racks
Look at the row of parked cars in front of another supermarket, and the empty bike rack. Here the snow plow man has done his job well, and even cleaned the racks. Do the cyclists show they appreciate his effort? No. Those ungrateful cyclists demand parking, and then they do not use it.
Turned around towards the door
Well, they do not use that rack if there is empty places closer to the door. As everyone knows, transport cyclists are lazy. They do not want to walk any longer than necessary. That's what they have their bikes for, to avoid walking. This cyclist, who might even have a child with him, can get to the front door with about ten steps. For a small kid that is about 20 or 30 steps. Now think how many steps the kid would've needed to take from the rack shown in the other picture. Hundreds! All that wear and tear in the knee and hip joints from excessive walking has been avoided by cycling closer to the door!


  1. I didn't do it - nobody saw me do it - you can't prove anything! ;-)


  2. well also we hate racks that our large bike tires cannot fit into and these same hated racks do not let you lock the frame, just the front wheel, so they encourage thieves! God forbid the stores actually don't attempt to buy the cheapest lousiest racks available and also dont bolt them to the ground. I refuse to tie my bike to my market's racks for this reason. I nicely adorn the neighboring light posts to settle my angst. Also its closer to the door :p