Saturday, March 26, 2011

Conditions on the bikeways, March 24th

Another followup on bikeways in winter. As the weather warms up and sun gets higher in the sky, a lot more people get the "spring fever" and want to spend time outside. Be it downhill skiing in the resorts, ice fishing at a nearby lake or sliding down the hill on a sled, people want to enjoy the weather. At the moment there's plenty of snow to enjoy the wintersports. But with rising sun, there's also the rising number of cyclists going about. Just look at the number of bikes parked outside a second hand shop:

Their bikerack is under the snow, so park anywhere you like.
At the comparison intersection, the street is almost ice free, except the corners of the raised crosswalk:
 The bikeways are a mix of ice free paving,
 smooth ice,
and not so smooth ice
 full of frozen grooves, four inches deep. Very nasty!

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