Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snowing again

Last week the weather was sunny and warm, so the sunny parts of streets which have the most traffic were almost ice free, and even bikeways had a few ice free spots. This also meant that some of the ice turned into slush which then froze. In the photo you can see there is some uneven, icy surface. But the tracks are just a centimeter or two deep, so it's quite cycleable. Wide tyres recommended, though.

Then the weather changed a little and we've got snow on several days, about 20cm altogether. On friday, it snowed wet snow and the wind was rather strong, so the snow blew sideways. One side of the trees got a white covering. I did not want to get snow in my camera, so I did not take a shot in the opposite direction.
Today it was a few degrees Celsius below freezing, so the snow was fluffy and the wind blew it around nicely. The wind shook some snow off the trees, and it floated over the bikeway. The scene was quite idyllic. But, as I was cycling, I did not have my camera ready. I stopped and waited with my camera ready, but the scene did not repeat.

You can see the snow in the air behind the cyclists in this badly cropped section of a photo. It was like that all the way to the traffic lights. Very pretty!
Oh, and note how there's a > shaped area which has more snow? This is shot at a four way intersection. The snow plow came from where I'm standing, went to the right, came back and continued forward. As the snow is still falling, the snow plow men are quite busy.

I cycled a short section on a street today, and it was much worse to cycle on than the bikeways. On the street there was about an inch of "fake packed" snow. It was really nasty to cycle on. In the center of the car tyre track was a very narrow (like two inches) section of packed snow. Off center, the snow crumbled and my bike slipped off the tracks, so I had to keep correcting all the time to keep my balance. I did not take that route on the way back!

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