Friday, March 04, 2011

Underpass galore- The Video

I finally figured how to get the video done. At first, Cinelerra could not open my files. I ran them through avidemux, then Cinelerra could open them. Then I found I could not get Cinelerra to do fastforwarding easily. Fastforwarding was a piece of cake Kdenlive, but it could not reverse a section of video. More avidemuxing. Then it worked!

I had to cut and edit several videos from several days, as the camera has been shutting down and the aim has been off on some videos. So, there'd be parts of the ride missing in one video, and I filled in from another video. I even had to put one section in reverse, to get a continous ride. You'll see some cars driving backwards. ;-P

The route is about 10km long, although you'll see about 9,7km on the video. I just could not find a good, recent video to get the loop completed. In the map, below, youll see three roads forming a triangle. The gray road is a dual carriageway E75, the yellow roads are normal busy roads. The scale of the map is about 2,5km. Blue dotted lines are bikeways. As you can see, the route is definately not a direct "A to B" route :-D

The whole video is on fast forward, so if you want a better look at something, you'll need to pause the video. This is my first upload to youtube, and I added some caption thingys there. I hope it still works!

Link to youtube, you'll see it bigger there.

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