Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who's most desperate for summer?

The long winter here in Very Northern Florida means that many outdoor sports/hobbies can not be done all year around. People either put them on hold and do something else, or do the winter version. Anglers go icefishing etc.

Gardening season is about to begin. Although there is still a lot of snow on the ground and it'll be May before the ground thaws, keen gardeners are already growing plants needing long growing season indoors. Once the weather gets warm, they'll replant them outside.

Sailing on a regular boat is impossible when the sea is frozen. Boat owners can spend the winter fixing the boats, if they do not want to try ice-surfing or kite-skiing. One can only imagine how eagerly they wait for the ice to break and weather to get warmer.

Another hobby that is pretty much limited to the summer is golf. The regular golf courses are under the snow, so they'll have to practice their swing indoors or go outside to play. There are some winter golf courses in Finland, and one is right outside of Oulu, out on the ice of the sea. So not all people walking around out there were ice fishers. Bright red/orange balls recommended, if you want to find them again.
The 'green' is called 'white'.
Cyclists? Well, summer is nice, but I think the last picture says it all...

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