Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I fell on bike today! (contains nudity :-P)

The spring is coming with full force. The snow that came last week has melted from the bikeways and streets, so we're almost back where we started: the ice on the bikeways is melting. I think I can say now is the worst conditions of the year on the bikeways. On some spots there's no ice (or black ice in evenings and mornings), on other spots theres 15 cm of soft ice. When you try to cycle on the soft ice, it suddenly turns into mush under the tyres and you sink 10 cm. After a few cyclists, the ice is full of tracks and it's hard or impossible to cycle on it. Not that streets are any better. See the following photo:
A side street with slosh (about 15cm)
A bikeway: black ice, slosh and soft ice all in one picture
Now, as the topic says I fell today. For the first time in several years I fell so bad that my knees hit the ground. I've had to touch my hands on the ground sometimes to avoid falling over completely, but today I really fell. I was cycling on the street (crossing it) and I was turning left. There was some black ice and whiuuu- the bike went right and I continued straight on my hands and knees. I slid on the icy street a little, the bike was not damaged and I didn't even get my clothes torn or even noticeably dirty.

Here's a picture of my naked knee- just to show that it really happened. As you can see, the skin is slightly red where I scraped it. Terrible, isn't it?

Now lets see how many readers I get with this gratuitous nudity...

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