Sunday, March 06, 2011

A comparison video

I uploaded a new video to youtube. It shows the same parts of the bikeways in October, November and March.

I do have some video from December, but it was too dark for the camera so it's so blurry that I decided to not use it. In January and February I did not even bother to try videoing, as it was too dark and cold for the md80.

Why is that video in so small window? How do I make it bigger?

In the October parts you can see me cycling over the frozen puddles. I guess it was the first ice of the season. :-) The route shown is one of the possible routes between the university and downtown. It's also the route I use when I go shopping in a shop east of the university.

My next video will be either about the cycling bridges or cycling in downtown. Maybe I should have a poll, let my readers decide. But as there are only two of them, there might be a tie. In that case, I'll make a video of the underpasses I didn't show on the first video. I think I've got a dozen of them already...

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